FAQ — Gates and Directories

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The vehicle entrance gates can be opened in one of three ways:

Using an access code

Every resident is provided with a 4-digit access code.  These codes are unique for each resident.  To enter your code at the gate, press the # key once or twice then enter the 4-digit code.  The gate should open If you do not have an access code or you wish to change the code, contact the HOA.

Using a remote transmitter

As you approach the gate, press the button on the transmitter to open the gate.   Remote transmitters cost $20 each.   Contact the HOA if you wish to purchase a remote transmitter.

Dial a resident to request access

A person arriving at the gate can look up a resident in the directory and dial that resident.  The resident can then open the gate using the touch pad on their telephone.  Press the number 9 to open the gate.  You will here a tone which is confirmation that the gate is opening.

The pedestrian gate is equipped with a push-button lock

Pedestrian Gate Code

Go to our Community Forum for the Gate Code.

Community Forum Gate Systems

The DoorKing Model 1837 is programmable with a system directory

To open the gate for a visitor ...

The eight-line LCD display features big 1/2-inch characters for easy viewing.  A message appears on the screen when the system is not in use.

Visitors can access the built-in system directory and then place a call to the resident.

The resident can grant access by pressing '9' on their telephone touchpad.  A tone will sound indicating the gate is opening for the visitor

Remote Transmitters for Entrance Gate Operation

The Linear Model ACT-31B Key Fob Remote Transmitter

New gate openers are available for a nominal charge.

The ACT-31B is a key fob style.  Other styles are available.

The transmitter can be programmed to your vehicle HomeLink system.

Contact the HOA if you need additional openers.

Visitor Access

Call from the gate

If you are listed in the directory at the entrance gate, when someone calls your house you can open the gate remotely by pressing the number ' 9 ' on your touchtone phone.  Only the number 9.  If you are not listed in the directory, you should contact us. 

Access Codes

We have two access codes for contractors and regular visitors.  One code is enabled for daytime access and is a good choice for landscapers and other contractors who need access to the community during daytime hours.

We have a second general access code that is enabled 24x7.  This is a good choice for service providers or others who need access at all hours.

Contact the HOA for these codes.

Resident Directory

Updated Yearly

The resident directory is an informal directory that is available on our Community Forum.

If you are not listed in the Directory, contact the HOA with your information for the directory.  At the next publish date, it will be updated.