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Our scheduled pick-ups for refuse is on Wednesdays and for recyclable trash on Fridays.

Place your container at the curb by 5:00 AM on the day of pickup. 
Brush and Trash Pickup Schedule The City of Scottsdale provides monthly brush and bulk item collection and is an easy and convenient way for residents to dispose of items like yard waste, furniture, mattresses, and other household items generated from their homes or within their fenced property which are too large in size or too large in quantity to dispose of in their refuse container. 
Request Pickup of Large Boxes and Discarded Appliances The City of Scottsdale offers residential customers two special collection programs designed to help make life just a little easier.  If you just moved into your home, the City of Scottsdale will help you get rid of all those move-in boxes. Or if you have a non-working appliance, we'll come and pick that up for you also.  Click the link for more info. 
  Hazardous Waste Disposal Schedule  Items such as paints, solvents, pesticides, pool chemicals, automotive fluids, etc. that are not so simple to get rid of.  Many of these items are harmless if used as intended, however, if disposed of improperly household hazardous waste products can be harmful to our health and safety, as well as to our environment. Fortunately there are a number of ways to legally and safely dispose of these items.  
  Natural Area Open Space (NAOS)

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The City of Scottsdale The City of Scottsdale has an ongoing interest in preserving the unique qualities of the Sonoran Desert.  A Natural Area Open Space easement essentially restricts what can be done with a piece of land. NAOS easements are areas of continuous natural desert. Easements are dedicated in common tracts within subdivisions or on an individual lot-by-lot basis. Land that is designated NAOS must be preserved in its natural desert state and remain free of obstruction.